Monday, August 02, 2004

[urls] Top 10 Urls: 25 July-1 August 2004

Monday, August 2, 2004
Dateline: China
The following is a sampling of my "urls" for the past eight days.  By signing up with Furl (it's free), anyone can subscribe to an e-mail feed of ALL my urls (about 150-350 per week) -- AND limit by subject (e.g., ITO) and/or rating (e.g., articles rated "Very Good" or "Excellent").  It's also possible to receive new urls as an RSS feed.  However, if you'd like to receive a daily feed of my urls but do NOT want to sign up with Furl, I can manually add your name to my daily Furl distribution list.  (And if you want off, I'll promptly remove your e-mail address.)
Best new selections (in no particular order):
* A Web Services Choreography Scenario for Interoperating Bioinformatics Applications (SUPERB, covering all the bases; might serve as the foundation for a blog posting)
* ICC Report: Software Focus, June 2004 issue (if you're not familiar with this monthly newsletter from Red Herring, it's worth scanning; this particular issue is their "annual" on enterprise software)
* Northeast Asia: Cultural Influences on the U.S. National Security Strategy (this might serve as the basis for a blog posting; EXCELLENT, broad-based review of cultural issues)
* Economics of an Information Intermediary with Aggregation Benefits (think B2B and e-markets, although the implications are wide-ranging)
* How to Increase Your Return on Your Innovation Investment (provides a link to an article published in the current issue of Harvard Business Review; good food for thought)
* Why Mobile Services Fail (insights from Howard Rheingold)
* Anything That Promotes ebXML Is Good (lots of good links; I'm an ebXML advocate, so the tone of this article is one which I fully support)
Examples of urls that didn't make my "Top Ten List":
> RightNow, Sierra Atlantic Announce Partnership to Deliver Enterprise CRM Integration (a trend in the making; I've talked about this quite a bit, i.e., systems integrators working with utility computing vendors)
and many, many more ...
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