Sunday, July 25, 2004

[urls] Top 10 Urls of the Week: A Taste of Furl

Sunday, July 25, 2004
Dateline: China
The following is a sampling of my "urls" for the past week.  By signing up with Furl (it's free), anyone can subscribe to an e-mail feed of my urls -- and limit by subject AND rating.  It's also possible to receive an RSS feed.  However, if you'd like to receive a daily feed of my urls but do NOT want to sign up with Furl, I can manually add your name to my daily Furl distribution list.  (And if you want off, I'll promptly remove your e-mail address.)
Briefly, over the past week I added over 300 urls to my "goldentriange" Furl account.  In the editing process, I whittled down the number to nearly 60 in my first pass and then deleted about 50 more urls to create "Dave's Top Ten (Urls) List" (of the week).  Think about it:  Only one in 30 made the grade.
For one thing, I've excluded ALL sites referenced in any of my three blogs.  Also, ALL "dated" items with short shelf-life were cut (such as news stories), although over two-thirds of the "urled" pages over the past week were news-related.  (My assumption is that everyone already has their favorite news sources.)  OTOH, I didn't want to include items which are a bit too research-focused, either.  Truly a delicate balance.
Enjoy -- and please zap me your feedback!  And, if you'd like to receive the daily feed (which includes news items), please let me know.
Examples of urls that didn't make my "Top Ten List":
and many, many more ...
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