Friday, July 02, 2004

[news] JavaMania

Friday, July 2, 2004
Dateline: China
I'd like to report on what happened at JavaOne, but there are two problems:  First, I was in China, not at J1.  Second, there are a flood of reports in the press.  To get a recap, the best bet is to visit one of my favorite XML "news" feeds:  " Your Enterprise Java Community".  However, I will highlight several newsworthy items:
  • Project Looking Glass -- kind of a 3D windows interface (but doesn't run under Windows (capital "W"); shown a year ago, but seems to be ready for prime time.
  • J2SE Version 5 (J2SE 5) -- yes, their numbering scheme has changed; Sun is trying to make client-side Java a ... ah, possibility. 
  • Java for your BMW -- true!!  The ultimate geek toy!!  "Hey, baby, want to ride in my Java-powered B'mer?"  I can see it now ...
  • Java-enabled phones (350 million) and Java-enabled smart cards (600 million) -- hmmm ... I don't have either (I feel like a Luddite!).
  • Project Kitty Hawk -- "includes professional services for designing an SOA" (service-oriented architecture); sounds enticing.
  • NetBeans 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE ) -- Sun's "big" J2EE-related news, and ...
  • ... more mobile stuff (see ).
Tidbit:  There are four million Java developers, up one million over the past year.  Not sure if I believe this, but the trend sounds good.
In addition to, see , for further background info.
Bottom line:  Yes, I am touting Java.
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