Saturday, June 02, 2007

How to Become the Top IT Outsourcing Company in China

David on IT Outsourcing in China
Saturday, 2 June 2007
Dateline: Qingdao, China

"How to Become the Top IT Outsourcing Company in China"

Well, it's just a teaser. I plan to write an article about this for an issue (or two) of Forbes China (in Chinese, which most of those reading this will appreciate). I'll do a cross-post here (in Chinese), if Forbes allows this. If not, I'll point to the online article in a separate post.

In the interim, I'll likely write an English-language equivalent (with much more of my satirical humor) for my Sand Hill Group and AlwaysOn Network "Letter from China" columns; expect this to appear a month or two before a Forbes piece.

I also want to point to a couple of things. First, a hot Computerworld post on the ITO scene in China. Read it. It has already been quoted in several other sources: It has generated quite a bit of interest. The two Sand Hill columns on IPR that I referenced and wrote took a look at IPR from two different angles: One was on what Chinese read and hear; the other was on what the Chinese government wants Westerners to read and hear. Some overlap, but very different in tone.

Second, my "Letter from China" columns first get posted on the Sand Hill Group, and then get cross-posted to a separate blog (with it's own feed) and the AlwaysOn Network. will likely be picking up my columns, too. For those of you in the China-based ITO biz, you'll likely find some useful ammunition -- for sales, marketing, and planning -- in my "Letter from China" columns, especially as ammunition against India.

Finally, I don't plan to publish to this blog very often, but at least a bit more frequently than I have over the past year. But read my "Letter from China" columns if you want a strategic perspective on ITO and ESO and where China plays -- and where China should play. Going forward, I'll be focusing this blog on software development methodologies, basically, how to better compete against Indian firms and have more satisfied clients. It will sometimes get geeky, but so be it. I'll also venture a bit into the ESO space. That's the hottest new area ... and it's an area where China will kick India's butt. ESO (for those not in the know): Engineering services outsourcing.

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