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NEW DiamondCluster report on ITO + SIMChina & CSIO BOFs

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Monday, June 13, 2004
Dateline: China
DiamondCluster has released its new annual survey on ITO.  The press release is a pretty good synopsis; the 20 page PDF can be downloaded here.  I made a comment about the survey on the CIO magazine blog.
The first of my two-part series on IT sourcing options in China appeared in the current issue of BusinessForum China, the largest circulation English-language business magazine in China.  An edited version of my article appears as an AlwaysOn Network "Letter from China" column.
I will be giving a "main tent" presentation this Wednesday (the 15th) at the SIMChina conference in Beijing.  (Sometimes this link works better.)  My topic: Sourcing Business Capability Improvement: How to Succeed in Global Markets.  I will also be giving a talk next Thursday (the 23rd) at the CSIO conference in Dalian.  My topic: Opportunities & Business Characteristics of European & American Outsourcing Markets: How to Navigate the EU & US ITO Markets.
Frankly, they're the same slide deck, sans a few cosmetic changes.  However, I will focus on management issues at SIMChina and marketing issues at CSIO.  In a few weeks, I'll upload my presentation to the Y! Group site.
>>> If you're reading this and are planning to attend either SIMChina or CSIO, please look me up.  If enough of us gather, we can have an informal BOF bash.
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