Thursday, October 07, 2004

[commentary] "The New Yellow Peril" (from the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Dateline: (back in) China
Yes, I'm back from a two-week trip to sunny California.
A few observations which I'll be writing about for the AlwaysOn Network:
1)  Life in China is miserable compared to life in California (and compared to life in the States in general).  Nevertheless, there are opportunities in China which simply do not exist in the States.
2)  OTOH (on the other hand), I'd vote for Hu/Wen over Bush/Cheney or Kerry/Edwards.  Hey, it's a democracy:  I can vote for them as write-in candidates on my absentee ballot!!  Frankly, my gut tells me that China has better leadership at the top, regardless which party wins the general election.
3)  Beijing must be going crazy.  Beijing despises the Bush administration's foreign policy, but the Democratic Party rhetoric against outsourcing and offshoring is, at least to me, a much more serious issue for China.  The fact remains, however, that there is little that a Kerry administration could do to stop offshoring.  Maybe it's not a serious issue after all ...
Some of the best stuff I've read in defense of outsourcing/offshoring, courtesy of Yale's Center for the Study of Globalization.  See .
Back to regular blogging next week; I'm planning to enjoy the last day of this week's national holiday (in China).  Kind of like Independence Week here in China.
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